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Click to see best pix from UÌGE + LUANDA 
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went through 40 years of war. Finally peace came in 2002. Despite their past, Angolans are full of hope, but the country is devastated.
Uíge is one of the most affected provinces, and this was where we spent most of our time.
Luanda is the capital.

- 70% lives on less than a dollar a day
- 44% of all children do not attend school
60% of the population is under 18

Save the Children works to improve the school situation and to raise awareness on child rights, mines and hiv/aids etc.

Support Save the Children Denmark at 

September 2005


More pictures of Angola
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Mette and me + Rosipinto
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Snapshots of us working. And pics of the kids running in and out of the guest house Rosipinto. 

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